Back to the Future

We are back in New Zealand, well sort of, we are actually staying in a quarantine hotel for 2 weeks as part of the NZ government's Covid-19 measures.  Cooper and I sat down one night and watched the great 80's movie "Back to the Future", it was so great, I loved it, it bought back such fun memories of how life was in the 80's.  I was reminded during the film of how in life at times we go back in order to go forward.  It is a little like that for us during this season... we have come back to New Zealand to share our story and gather our group of friends with us that we can then return to our future in Mexico.  I was thinking of a similar story in the bible, when Martha went to the grave to find Jesus on the 3rd day but he wasn't there, so she grabbed a couple of disciples and the went back to the grave to confirm that Jesus had risen proving they had a future with Him alive.  Is there something that God is speaking to you about your past, that you can go back and revisit, enabling you to move forward to your future where He is calling you?


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