Back in Mexico

We're back in Mexico. After an easy flight and great border crossing we are settling back into life at YWAM SDB in Tijuana.  Things are busy here, teams are coming mainly from the States for weekend house builds to provide much needed homes for Mexican families. Outreach teams are also coming and plenty of ministries have started up again.  The kids went to the skateboard ministry yesterday, which as you might expect didnt take much to convince them to go. 

B and I are about to staff a DTS school which is the 5 month school we went to Mazatlan to do last year, its the initial school that teaches values and beliefs for everyone that wants to become staff or further involved with YWAM. 17 students will roll in tomorrow ready for 3 months lecture phase, then 2 months of outreach to far flung places sleeping in basic places eating interesting food. Best I not get too used to my comfy bed!

The kids have settled in quickly, back into correspondence school and loving life here with their fun friends. 

Let us know how you are, we do feel a bit distant from New Zealand after our great visit home seeing our family and friends. Miss you all.



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