Yes our family has given up comfy beds and we are 3/4 thru leading an 8 week outreach for a team of 7 YWAM students.

We have traveled by cattle truck, river boat, bus, ferry, and the back of utes.  Sleeping on floors with ants or worse to keep us company has not always been easy, but it’s an unforgettable experience.  We’re super grateful we have got to be part of incredible ministries, visiting orphanages, feeding people who live on the rubbish dump, connecting with homeless people, playing with children in remote villages, visiting rehab centers and the list goes on.

Our kids have done so well despite the crazy heat and humidity.  There has been a lack of time and WiFi for their school work but happily their Spanish has improved significantly. 

We are now staying just minutes from the hotel/missionary retreat we are fundraising to purchase on 15 September.  It’s so great to get to work in the local community here as well as a great local church.  Our team is planning a large family day for the community at the local skate bowl this coming Saturday with bouncy castles, face painting and probably tacos!

Hope you are doing well. Thanks for following our families story, we love staying connected.


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