Gods made us unique...

Summer has arrived and so have the missionaries.  We are so happy we are getting to host missionaries and pastors from near and far.  We also had our lovely friends the Pyne family come and visit.  Such a treat for our whole family!

What we are noticing is that every person we get to host and  connect with teaches us something new.  It might be  learning from the Christian Surfers  we had stay about how to disciple people and support them well.  Or a great group that their passion is to re- energize churches.  And another couple are passionate about youth here in Mexico. 

And us?  We are so passionate about bringing much needed rest and restoration to all these people that are doing different roles that God has called them to.  I guess I felt encouraged that its good to be different, God has made us all unique so lets not feel the pressure to do what others are called to do.  Rather do what God has called us to do!


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