Wendy the Mum of the family

You will often find Wendy in the kitchen with kids and people stopping by for a catch up. She is passionate about family.  Wendy loves helping  missionaries and is so excited to be able to host them in our soon to be acquired hotel / missionary retreat. 

Brendan enjoys being outdoors and keeping fit – he even did an ironman a few years back.  He is a fan of nearly every sport especially rugby and the mighty All Blacks, loves fishing, boating and exploring new places and meeting new people.  He is a definite coffee snob and enjoys great food, especially tacos.  He enjoys discussing strategy, futuristic opportunities and how to maximize every opportunity.  He always wants the best for people and loves moving people forward and releasing them to become their very best.

Demi loves people and baking

When you find Demi she will be with her friends or with a friend baking.  Wherever we go people are drawn to Demi, she connects to people of all ages and nationalities. She is so creative and will produce amazing crafts even with next to no resources. She has an incredibly positive outlook on life which is so fun to be around. 

This is Cooper

It's pretty easy to see that Coop loves the waves!  He spends his time surfing, skating and sketching.  Cooper is a gifted surfer and we have seen God continue to give him favor, opportunity and connections with people in the surf & skate industry in Mexico.  Coop has an amazing story of God speaking to him whilst in Uganda with a badge on a motorbike - crazy.    

Toby is always up for a laugh

Toby is powering his way through school,  he's having a great time in Mexico learning Spanish and is definitely better than all of us. Toby is a huge part of our family, he has the kindest heart which has been so appreciated with all we have been doing this year. He loves to challenge himself learning new skills, everything from Rubiks cubing competitively, surfing, skating, chess and computer programming he loves it all.

Max our firstborn

We all love Max and the fun he brings to our family. He is in New Zealand at present and in his second year of university at Waikato University's new Tauranga's campus studying business and finance. He is the one that introduced our family to surfing and taught Cooper how to catch his first waves.  We are excited to introduce Max to Mexico and Tacos el pastor real soon when the world lets us all travel again. 

Nicky, our 'daughter' from Ecuador.

Nicky has been in mission in YWAM, we have been with her the most of last year, she was our friend and Spanish teacher, then the children's teacher, and now she is family and we count her as our much loved daughter. She has bought so much to our family and we are so excited that she has a desire to support us in the Baja.


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